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Graduate students, Department of Engineering


Researcher Development Courses (RDCs) are an essential requirement for all first year research students in the Department. You will be sent your RDC programme by your RDC leader/administrator. If you have not received this by mid-October, please contact the RDC leader directly.

Each Division runs at least one RDC, and students participate in the most appropriate for their research area. Each programme is tailored to the particular area, but all contain certain core sessions. RDCs cover important study and research skills, and help students develop as researchers. Topics include presentation skills, searching literature and writing the first year report.

RDCs are not examined, but participation is monitored and is a requirement for the First Year Assessment of PhD students - make sure that you have booked onto all required sessions for your RDC via the links provided in the programme.

You** must sign up to one of the RDCs (after discussion with your supervisor) on Meteor, during the first two weeks of term. If you are going to attend an RDC in a different division, please let us know so that we can amend your bookings.

**Please note that CDT students maybe exempt from the RDCs - students are encouraged to attend any sessions that don’t duplicate what they have already done during their MRes, but are not expected to repeat sessions. Students should discuss this with their supervisor.


RDC RDC Leader
Division A: Energy (5CA2) Prof Adam Boies
Division A: Fluids (5CA4) Prof Holger Babinsky
Division B (5CB1) Dr Qixiang Cheng 
Division C (5CC1)

Dr John Biggins

Division D (5CD1) Prof Abir Al-Tabbaa
Division E (5CE1) Dr Frank Tietze
Division F (5CF3) Dr Yashar Ahmadian