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Graduate students, Department of Engineering


Design and Technical Services

The Design and Technical Services can help with Mechanical, Electronic design and manufacture. To help you we have a Senior Mechanical Design Engineer, a Senior Electronic Design Engineer and a Manufacturing Engineer.

These facilities are available to all members of the Department and can be used for teaching projects, 4th year Part II B projects, equipment for research and all other projects to help you while based in the Department.

Our main manufacturing facilities are located in the large central Machine Shop where we have a large range of machines ranging from CNC milling in the form of 2.1/2, 3, 4 and 5 axis, CNC lathes, a CNC High pressure water jet cutting machine, wire and plunge EDM.

To support these we have a range of manual machines. There is also sheet metal, welding and fabrication section. We can make a very large range of machined parts from complex surface geometries such as turbine blades to complete mechanical assemblies. If in doubt come along and speak to us, we are here to help.

Electronics Design Centre

The Electronic Design Centre can manufacture fully finished electronic devices or just parts for electronic projects. These can be 4th year Part II B and other student projects or equipment for research. There are facilities to produce PCB’s using a CNC milling process that can also produce double sided PCB’s as well as the more tradition etching process. These boards can be made so you can mount the electronic components or these can be mounted for you, there is also a repair and fault finding service for equipment.

Other services include Wiring Harnesses, enclosures for instrumentation such as strain gauge amplifiers, stepper motor control and power control devices along with advice on experimental setups and breakout box’s.



Central Technical Services
Mr Alistair Ross
Departmental Technical Services Manager

Room Number: IE0-05
Phone: +44 1223 3 39706

Design Engineering Services
Mr Neil Houghton Senior Design Engineer (Mechanical)

Room Number: BC2-07
Phone: +44 1 223 3 32763

Electronics Development
Room Number: IE2-01
pcb production email:
Phone: + 44 1223 3 32701

Design Engineering Services
Mr David Sayles
Senior Design Engineer (Electronic Systems)

Room Number: IN0-26
Phone: + 44 1223 3 32707

Research Facilities in the Department

You can find a list of the available research facilities in most divisions on the Engineering Department website. If you need to use any of these, please discuss this with your supervisor. The Head of Division can arrange access as needed.

Research Facilities in Energy, Fluid Mechanics and Turbomachinery

Research Facilities in Electrical Engineering

Research Facilities in Mechanics, Materials and Design

Research Facilities in Civil Engineering

Research Facilities in Manufacturing and Management