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Graduate students, Department of Engineering


Below you can find the key sources of support for any pastoral/personal issues that you experience during your time in Engineering. It is important to seek help if you are struggling in any way, and there are many resources and services available to provide support within the University.

It is advisable to keep your supervisor up-to-date with any issues that you are experiencing, if you feel able to, especially if they are impacting your academic progress.

College Tutor

If you are experiencing personal difficulties which are impacting on your academic progress or wellbeing, your College Tutor should be your first point of call. They will be able to provide support, and direct you to other sources of help as necessary.

Counselling Service

The University's Counselling Service has a range of self-help resources online, and students can also self-refer to the service. Several Colleges also offer a counselling service.

Disability Resource Centre

Students with disabilities and long-term health issues can access support and help via the University's Accessibility & Disability Resource Centre.

Help for specific issues or circumstances

The University's Student Wellbeing website contains lots of helpful information and signposting to further resources, including for specific circumstances such as mental health, pregnancy and childcare, financial issues, stress, disability and bereavement.


If your difficulties are such that you require a break from study, you should consider applying for intermission. Intermission pauses your the clock on your course, so you can take time out without worrying about your submission deadline, and return when you are ready to resume study. You can apply for either medical or non-medical intermission; please see the information on Time away from the department.