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Graduate students, Department of Engineering


We hope that everything will run smoothly during your time in the Engineering Department, but if things do go wrong, we will do our best to help set things right again.

Local resolution

If you are experiencing a problem, the first step should usually be to try and resolve it locally. Try to identify who is most likely to be able to help you with the issue, and contact them directly. This might be your course administrator or course director, your supervisor, your group or division administrator, the facilities team, the graduate studies office, etc. Usually once you let somebody know that you are having trouble with something, they will be happy to try and help you. It's best to raise an issue as soon as it happens, so that we have the best chance of resolving it quickly.

Responsible officer

If you are unable to identify the best person to help you, or you do not feel able to discuss the problem with them, or they have not been able to help you find a satisfactory resolution, then you can contact Rachel MacDonald in the GSO, who is the nominated Responsible Officer for dealing with informal complaints in the department. The Responsible Officer can intervene on your behalf to try and resolve the problem.

Formal Complaints Procedure

If you are dissatisfied with any provision, action or inaction by the University, you are able to raise a formal complaint. You should first follow the steps outlined above, however, where the matter is serious or where you remain dissatisfied, a complaint can be raised with the central University.  Complaints need to be raised in a timely way and within 28 days to ensure an effective remedy can be put in place. You can find further information here:​.