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Graduate students, Department of Engineering

This helps us select the source of funding, as some of our funds are only available to students of particular nationalities.
If you selected industrial sponsor or other, please give further details of your funder:
If yes, please email a copy of your notification of abstract/paper/poster acceptance from the conference organisers to immediately after submitting this form.
Itemised costs
Please complete the sections below to indicate your estimated spending for attending the conference, ensuring that costs are as accurate as possible. If you do not intend to claim for any of these costs (eg if you do not have to pay a conference registration fee), leave the relevant section blank.
Transport costs
Students are required to use the most cost-effective form of transport. This includes, for public transport, purchasing the cheapest available tickets (eg the appropriate rail saver or supersaver or the cheapest available flight). Wherever possible travel should be arranged so that it takes place in off peak periods. Taxis should only be used where public transport is not available. Please provide a quote/estimate for any transport you have not yet booked.
Subsistence (accommodation and food/drinks) may be claimed at a maximum rate of £142.50 per 24 hours, and all expenditure must be supported by receipts.
Please indicate the number of nights you will be claiming subsistence (accommodation and food/drink) for the conference.
Conference registration fee
Other sources of funding
After the conference has taken place you must submit an expenses claim form supported by receipts, and you will then be reimbursed for your costs. If it would not be possible for you to attend the conference without receiving funds in advance, then you may request an advance of up to 75% of the amount requested. Note that you will only be awarded an advance of up to 75% of the costs awarded, if this is less than the amount requested. Should your expenses claim be for less than any advance received, or not submitted on time, you will be required to return the money to the department.
An advance should only be applied for if it would not be possible for you to attend the conference without receiving funds in advance.